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Sommet Rénovation was founded in 1996 by Mr. Carl Somma. The company specializes in installing asphalt shingle roofs, installing TPO and elastomeric membranes for flat roofs in the residential sector in Montérégie and on the South Shore of Montreal. We also provide structural modification and improvement services.

Mr. Carl Somma, the founder, gained experience as an architectural designer and technician. He has been head of the department for leading design companies. He was responsible for the construction plans, planning and fit-up of office space on AutoCAD (computer-assisted drawing).

Over the years, the company has acquired solid experience with a lot of knowledge and skills, which allows it to detect and solve problems to correct quickly. His passion for architecture and construction, his attention to detail and perfection are reflected in his projects. This philosophy is passed on to the entire team of Sommet Rénovation.

For us, the priority is high customer satisfaction. Personal attention and commitment to superior service are given to each of our clients. That is why Sommet Rénovation has acquired an unparalleled reputation. For a durable, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing roof in Beloeil, St-Bruno, Boucherville, Ste-Julie, McMasterville, Mont St-Hilaire, St-Basile-le-Grand or Otterburn Park, trust the expert roofers at Sommet Rénovation!

Why do business with Sommet Rénovation's team

Sommet Rénovation serves mainly the South Shore of Montreal and Montérégie, in particular, the cities of Beloeil, Mont St-Hilaire, St-Bruno, Ste-Julie, McMasterville, St-Basile-le-Grand, Otterburn Park and Boucherville to name a few.

Our experts mainly install BP Canada brand shingles, which is a local product. We also install other brands such as Certainteed, IKO and GAF. All these brands offer a wide range of shingles, from architectural style to more traditional style, with a wide range of colours. They offer guarantees ranging from 25 years to limited lifetime guarantees.

Sommet Rénovation can provide solutions to your architectural problems and make modifications, roof slope changes, dormer additions or even roof extensions for a veranda or carport.

Sommet Rénovation will install your new roof with their work technique, in a professional manner, precisely following the manufacturer’s instructions. The company’s president, Carl Somma, his team leaders and his employees are able to assure you that the company’s high standards are maintained from start to finish.

Your roofer will install a self-adhesive membrane on the first three to six feet of the eave as required and the entire roof will be covered with a synthetic roof underlay.

Our experts install an aluminum or steel drip bar on the entire perimeter of the roof to prevent water from rising under shingles and replace flashings around chimneys and brick walls, modifications will be made behind brick chimneys to prevent water from stagnating. All plumbing vents and kitchen and bathroom ventilation systems are replaced.

Sommet Rénovation has several accreditations. The company is part of the CAA QUÉBEC recommended home suppliers team. According to a survey conducted by CAA Habitation-Québec, it received an overall average score of 96% against its overall customer satisfaction and is therefore classified as Platinum by BP.

Sommet Rénovation also has many certifications. The company holds a license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), is a member of theAssociation Provinciale des Constructeurs d'Habitations du Québec (APCHQ) and also holds a license from theOffice de Protection du Consommateur (OPC).

Each client is covered by liability insurance. Sommet Rénovation's teams are covered by the CNESST insurance scheme.

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Does your house need a new roof? Call on Sommet Rénovation professional roofers to repair, inspect and install your roof. Contact us now for your residential roof in Beloeil, St-Bruno, Boucherville, Ste-Julie or Mont St-Hilaire!

Services offered by your roofer on the South Shore and Montérégie

Sommet Rénovation, your roofing contractor on the South Shore and in Montérégie, offers a a wide range of services to meet all your roofing needs. Here are the services we offer:

Areas served by Sommet Rénovation

Our experts travel all over the South Shore and Montérégie to carry out all your roofing work. Contact us now to discuss your projects!

Asphalt shingle roofing expert

Sommet Rénovation is your asphalt shingle installation contractor on the South Shore and in Montérégie. Asphalt shingles offer many interesting advantages as :

However, it is recommended to check the condition of the shingle each year for problems. Before the installation, Sommet Rénovation experts ensure that your roof is compliant to avoid premature damage.

There are different types of asphalt shingles, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your roof. Before purchasing, check your roof’s slope, durability, aesthetics, waterproofing, warranty and weather resistance. Keep in mind that cost, lifespan and weather resistance may vary depending on the product you choose.

Entrust the installation, renovation or repair of your asphalt shingle roof to Sommet Rénovation, your specialized roofing team on the South Shore of Montreal and in Montérégie.

Questions souvent posées concernant les toitures en Montérégie

Le bardeau d’asphalte est le revêtement de choix pour bien des Québécois, et ce, pour plusieurs raisons. À commencer par son prix avantageux et sa facilité d’installation. Le bardeau d’asphalte nécessite peu d’entretien, offre une bonne résistance aux intempéries et se déploie dans plusieurs styles et couleurs.

La pose d’un revêtement de toiture varie en fonction du matériau choisi et des particularités du toit. De manière générale, on débute par le retrait de l’ancien revêtement. Dans de nombreux cas, une matière isolante est installée sur la surface du toit pour aider à améliorer l’isolation de la bâtisse. On procède ensuite à l’installation du revêtement de toiture selon la méthode appropriée.

L’inspection de toiture a pour but de prévenir des dommages plus importants à votre toit. Que ce soit une dégradation du revêtement, une fuite ou même une fissure, l’inspection vous assure d’avoir l’esprit tranquille. Vous serez en mesure de faire corriger la problématique rapidement et ainsi, prolonger la durée de vie de votre toiture.

Your reviews make us proud!

Professionalism and rigour are the qualifiers that best describe our experience with Sommet Rénovation. From the initial meeting with Mr. Somma to the work that was done in an impeccable manner and in the promised schedule, everything went perfectly. We would also like to highlight the courtesy, kindness, efficiency and competence of the roofing team that carried out the work. And what to say about this visit of Mr. Somma ten days after the end of the work to verify the quality of it. Never seen to our knowledge.
Gilles S.

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Are you looking for a roofing contractor on the South Shore or in Montérégie? Call on Sommet Rénovation for a durable, waterproof and aesthetic residential roof. Contact us now to receive a quote for your roofing work in asphalt shingles, TPO membrane or elastomeric membrane. Our experts can also give you valuable advice on how to maintain your roof!

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